Sena 20S-02 Slim Bluetooth Communication System Single Kit ::

Sena 20S Slim Bluetooth Communication System Single Kit

  • Speakers have reduced diameter and thickness with same output for tight fitting helmets
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual Bluetooth module communication system
  • Audio Multitasking™
  • Multi-way intercom up to 8 connections
  • Group Intercom™
  • Bluetooth intercom up to 2.0 kilometers (1.2 miles), in open terrain
  • Smartphone App for iPhone and Android enables users to adjust settings on their 20S
  • Universal Intercom™
  • Advanced Noise Control™
  • Intuitive voice prompts and voice commands
  • HD quality crystal clear and natural sound
  • Bluetooth Audio Recording™
  • Versatile functions using motion sensor technology
  • All-in-one helmet clamp kit
  • Water resistant for use in inclement weather
  • Built-in FM radio tuner with a station scan and save function
  • Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones
  • Bluetooth hands free for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth audio devices such as MP3 players
  • Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth GPS navigation
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Manufacturer Part #20S-02

    Package Contents:
  • Sena 20S Headset Main Unit
  • Universal Helmet Clamp
  • Wired Boom Microphone
  • Wired Microphone
  • Micro USB Power & Data Cable
  • 2.5 to 3.5 mm Audio Cable
  • Cigarette Charger
  • Glued Surface Mounting Adapter
  • Rubber Pads
  • Speaker Pads
  • Velcro Pads for Speakers
  • Velcro Pad for Boom Microphone
  • Velcro Pad for Wired Microphone
  • Allen Wrench
  • Manual

    Take view Larger Images link at top of page at right to see pic of box contents

There are several How To Videos on Sena’s Youtube channel that you might find helpful

Download the Sena RideConnected App on your iPhone or Android to set up your group and stay connected with your friends. Save time with the Sena RideConnected App and enjoy your adventure even more!

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Our Two Cents

There is a wealth of information about the 20S on Sena’s website, including specs, manual or user’s guide, device software, FAQ’s and detailed information about the features. Rather than reproducing all of that here (and making this page extremely long), I’d encourage you to take the link for further information.

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