LS2 Focal Bluetooth Communication System ::

LS2 Focal Bluetooth Communication System

  • Qualcomm 5.0 Bluetooth Chip
  • Integrated cVc noise reduction
  • Sony QHD 2K Camera
  • Wi-Fi Data Transfer
  • IPX6 Waterproof Level
  • 1 touch photo function
  • “Siri” Type Voice Command
  • Battery Power Level Detection
  • Four interchangeable color trims
  • Built in music share capability
  • 4 way connect
  • 1 button, 500 meter intercom connect
  • Adjustable, 360 degree rotating clip
  • Multiple mounting options and combinations

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LS2 Helmets is proud to introduce the LS2 Focal, a brand new Bluetooth camera and communication system. Utilizing deep industry experience, LS2 Helmets has brought together a combination of Bluetooth communication technology, noise cancellation and camera technology in one unit to take your riding experience to the next level.

The LS2 Focal is a universal system which can moto-vlog, recording voice to video or record ambient sound, communicate with your passenger or friends with the four-way plus intercom, up to 1200 linked meters, receive and place calls, listen to music, or in the event of a crash record the last 5 minutes of riding. Utilizing a Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the audio quality rivals the best smartphones, and speakers on the market.

Offering a 2K QHD Sony camera for clean, detailed footage and images. The video and photo camera options, and fully customizable settings, assure the LS2 Focal will always capture the moment. Riders have a choice of using the SIRI type, voice prompt menu navigation or the easy-to-use, multi-function buttons. Easy one touch operation, means less time thinking about what to do next and more time focusing on the ride.