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Lexin BassBucket Bluetooth Speaker

The All-New LEXIN Bassbucket is the perfect speaker companion for parties, meet-ups, and home-use. Our innovative design and multiple color options makes this speaker suitable for any taste. With industry-leading features including mobile phone calling/answering, up to 15W quick charge, multi-color LED lighting, & touch-sensitive volume adjustment, this speaker will remain high-tech for many years to come. Each LEXIN BassBucket comes with a Two-year Unlimited Warranty backed by us, so you know you’re in good hands. This next-gen speaker will bump your favorite tunes for hours without missing a beat.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology, supports virtually limitless device connections for music sharing.
  • 20W maximum output, two 2.5 inch premium speakers with built-in Woofer

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Our Price:

Sizing Information

5.9” tall x 8.7” front to back (chinbar to spoiler)

Our Two Cents

Lexin just keeps coming up with the coolest things! Their comm systems are top notch, but they’re so much more than a communication company. First they hit us with the Smart Pump, then they updated what we felt was a great product and made it even better with the P5 Smart Pump. And now this…

The Lexin BassBucket Bluetooth Speaker may not be reinventing anything, but it certainly puts a speaker setup in the coolest packaging we’ve ever seen. This BassBucket speaker comes in a miniature helmet box, complete with it’s own helmet bag. At first glance it seems like one of the novelty display helmets you might pick up at a Moto GP or F1 event, but it houses two 2.5 inch speakers on the sides of the helmet and a woofer in the bottom that directs the sound off the ground/table for improved bass sounds. Around the base of the helmet there is an LED light ring that has several color options, or you can set it to fade through the colors in sequence. You can control this light with a button on the X at the forehead. The faceshield also raises, revealing a motorcycle picture that you can replace with your own photo (3.1” x 1.6”) with an additional white LED lighting it up that activates when you raise the shield.

As the BassBucket charges the LED ring on the base changes from RED (charging) to GREEN (fully charged). Then, when you turn it on you get a couple of engine revs and a battery status update via voice. Pairing is simple with your bluetooth device, it automatically enters pairing mode when first started. Find the BassBucket and connect on your device and you’re ready to rock.

The top of the helmet has a volume control strip that you can press at your desired setting or slide from current volume up or down to set. The X on the forehead has the power, light control, forward (next track), and back (previous track) buttons.

We love this Lexin BassBucket Bluetooth Speaker, it’s going to get some great use around the shop! :: Mike, 12/21/2022

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