Seizmik ICOS2 AR Gun Holder ::

Seizmik ICOS2 AR Gun Holder

The ICOS 2 AR Gun Holder is an innovative solution that allows you to carry up to four guns in your UTV securely and away from the elements while providing quick access to them all. Holds two hunting/long firearms just like the original ICOS, however, this unit is better equipped to hold ARs with magazines as well as two handguns and two extra magazines. (Pistol and magazine holster add-on kit P/N 150407 sold separately) Best of all, there’s no need to drill any holes into your vehicle or go through complicated installs. Just click the ICOS 2 AR into place using the vehicle’s existing seat belt and you’re ready to go. Part of a line of innovative UTV-specific hunting accessories designed and manufactured by SeizmikĀ® – an industry leader in UTV-specific gear.

  • Stealth design ensures quiet operation with a soft chassis and no velcro for noise reduction
  • Proprietary foam chassis is tough and durable, yet absorbs shocks and vibrations while keeping your firearms steady and protected
  • Securely surrounds and holds up to two guns in soft, cushioned channels that won’t mar firearm finishes
  • Stealth retention straps allow for silent mounting and dismounting while keeping guns secure.

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