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Lexin P5 Smart Tire Pump

The New P5 Advanced Smart Tire pump system was designed after collecting feedback from our Gen 1 Smart Pumps. Motorcycle tire pressure is a key component for any ride, on or off road, the P5 will keep your tires dialed in any environment.

The P5 features a 5000 MaH Lithium Ion Cell, Internal Cooling fan, Heat and Abrasion protected threaded filling Trachea, digital pressure monitoring, 2-150PSI digitally adjustable pressure settings and a USB-A Output for mobile device charging on the go.

The P5 is backed by Lexin’s standard two year hassle-free warranty and is a must have item for any Moto or wheeled Powersports applications.

The Lexin Tire Pump is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Below are 7 ways to use it:

Inflate Bike Tires – The Lexin Tire Pump is primarily designed to inflate bike tires quickly and easily. The built-in pressure gauge prevents over or under-inflation. Inflate Vehicle Tires – Aside from bike tires, this pump can also be used to inflate cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles. Its pressure gauge ensures that the tires are properly inflated. Charge Portable Devices – The Lexin Tire Pump has a USB charging port that lets you charge your portable devices like tablets, smartphones, and cameras. Inflate Pool Toys – The Lexin Tire Pump is also effective for inflating pool toys such as rafts, floats, and tubes. Inflate Sports Equipment – It can also be used to inflate sports equipment like basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Inflate Boats – If have your own inflatable boat or kayak, the Lexin Tire Pump can be used to inflate it quickly and easily. This makes it an ideal tool to carry along for boating or camping trips.

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Sizing Information

Pump is 6.5×2.5.x2 and the trachea is 6.5x.5 and can be stored next to the pump.

Our Two Cents

The Lexin P5 Smart Tire Pump is an update on the Lexin Smart Tire Pump that released earlier this year.

They work fast over at Lexin and have taken the feedback on the original to make this new version even better! Let me start by saying we LOVED the original, it was a real game changer, and this one is much improved in ways we wouldn’t have even considered.

The biggest difference is that this P5 Smart Pump has a 5000 MaH Litihium Ion cell battery, compared to the original’s 2000 MaH. That increased power means you can air up more tires on a charge, or you can use the new feaure : A USB-A output for charging your other devices!

This P5 pump is rectangular and measure 6.5 inches long 2.5 inches across, and 1.5 inches deep. Add in the inflation hose which is about .5 inches and can be removed and stored next to the pump and you’re looking at about 6.5 inches long by 3 inches across by 1.5 inches deep or if you need it to fit differently you can put the trachea on the front or back and get 6.5×2.5×2. Talk about packable! The system comes with the US standard inflator hose that fits mountain bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles, and even automobiles. It also has a French valve adapter that fits some road and mountain bicycles, and a ball needle for sports balls and the like. This version does NOT include a balloon nozzle like the original.

As I noted on the original pump, it overheated when I tried to air up an oversized 4×4 truck tire (315/70 r17). The original could do about 8lbs in that tire before overheating, no big deal since it is way over the intended usage for the pump. Well Lexin addressed that issue anyway! They have installed an internal cooling fan to keep the P5 Smart Pump from overheating and turning off on large jobs. This new version got over 25lbs of pressure added before I shut it off and it never got anywhere near as hot as the original and it did not shut down on it’s own due to issues. They also changed the hose/trachea of the unit and now it is protected from heat and abrasion thanks to what looks to be an aluminum outer hose layer.

The new P5 Smart Pump still functions just like the original, but it has a larger LED screen readout. Press and hold the power button to turn it on, then press the unit button (“U” on the button) to select the desired units from PSI, KPA, BAR, or even KG/CM². Then input the desired pressure you want to equalize at by using the + and – buttons. The trachea on this one is threaded, so thread it onto your valve stem (there is an adapter included for smaller valve stems and a ball adapter). Then press the power button on the end of the device opposite the inflation tube to begin inflation. Once the desired tire pressure is reached the pump will automatically switch off. You can also use the smart pump as a tire gauge by turning the unit on and selecting your desired units and then placing it onto the valve stem. This new version has preset applications such as ball, bicycle, motorcycle, and car that you can cycle through using the Settings button (Gear icon).

There is even a light on the business end where the inflator hose attaches that will help you see the valve stem in low light. To top it off, a fully charged battery should last for well over a month in a saddle bag!

In the box you get a storage bag as well. You can keep this pump in a saddle bag or strap it to the bike. It also would be at home in any car or truck. Lexin has taken a product we loved to the next level with the P5 Smart Pump and we’re sure you’ll love this version too! :: Mike, 11/07/2022

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