John L. from Georgia

April 17, 2014
I have been wearing the AGV telluride pants for a year and a half, and they have been GREAT! I was on the fence about buying AGV sport as I have been a happy Joe Rocket customer for years. These pants just feel quality, the stitching, material, and craftsmanship are much better than the price would suggest, they make my J.R. gear feel very cheap by comparison. There is ballistic nylon everywhere, and this material actually seems like it would protect you in a crash, unlike a lot of the "ballistic nylon" gear I have used. Again, this pant screams "heavy duty", it certainly doesnt feel cheap or thin. The only wear so far is a few errant threads and the stuffing pulled out of a pocket zipper, but nothing major. They are a tad hot with all that nylon, but I manage them in 90 degree Georgia heat, so it shouldn't be a problem for most of the country as long as you are moving, they aren't so bad. Its great that it comes with TWO liners. Using the quilted liner i have no problem riding these down to 40 degrees. The sizing is a little strange, definitely go bigger than you think. I am 5-10 ~190lbs and the XL is a snug fit! Typical Euro type sizing with long skinny legs and short torso portion. XL short fits me decently well, legs are just an touch long (even though they are size short!)but the sizing chart seems pretty spot on. These are extremely versatile 40-90 degree riding pants, with 2 liners, very comfortable, and they look great!!!

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