DONALD R. from Maine

September 3, 2013
I currently own a Shoei Qwest(Large) and an EXO1000 (XL). The Shoei is the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned but I love the convenience of the EXO1000's dropdown visor and the antifog shield for fall/winter/spring riding due to sunrise/sunset change and the cool mornings that typically fog up a screen. I purchased an EXO1100 hoping it would be the EXO1000's replacement. I was wrong. It was even more norrow than the 1000 and it felt like they moved the chin strap approx. 1/2" closer to the neck. This actually pressed too much and made it uncomfortable for the 3mins I wore it. I promptly shipped it back. I am planning on giving the EXO500 a chance hoping it is closer to my 1000.
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