Eric R. from Tennessee

February 17, 2013
Can't say enough about this jacket. Love, love, love it! First of all, I previously owned a TourMaster Breeze jacket (and liner) that I bought back in the days. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately), it did its job protecting me in a high-side accident on an unfamiliar, decreasing-radius curve. So I set out to find a replacement. First I attempted a oddly-sized generic (and cheaper) jacket from another vendor. Live and learn. Came back to motorcyclegear, started to buy the closeout on last year’s, but decided to go with the '13 model. As noted in the informative & objective description, the reflectivity is AWESOME. Even the old TourMaster had piping only (and maybe a logo) but that was it. This one is GREAT. I turned the lights off in the house and handed my wife a flashlight...she said, "Wow..I can definitely see you." Inside pockets are great, outside pockets are a adequate, and it overall looks and feels like a quality jacket. The neckline is comfortable even when zipped all the way up (doesn't feel like it's about to choke you) and the velcro is adequate but not plentifully annoying. Sizing is spot-on (no goofy "add 1 or maybe even 2 sizes from normal") and with Huey, Dewey, and Louie's help, don't even think about a return--you won't need it. I learned my lesson. Buy an $80 jacket and you're gonna get just that. Catch this one on sale or even at full price it's worth it. I hope I don't have to "test" this one like I did the last one but one thing's for sure: wearing it is comfortable enough that I don't feel it's inordinately bulky, yet I'm confident in the protection. I'd probably buy this jacket just for the reflectivity definitely makes me feel like I'm seen from all angles...even the side!!

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