Tom W. from Iowa

May 8, 2012
Finally found a mesh jacket that fits and looks awesome. The sleeves are long enough. I have long arms. When I reach for the handle bars the sleeves don't pull up my arms. The body is the right length so that it doesn't bunch up once seated on the bike. The mesh has the largest hole size I've seen. Good air flow. I like the depth of the outside pockets. The interior sunglasses pocket is frustrating to open because of the Velcro. I prefer zippers. I love the zippers on the sleeves. Wish the jacket had a second interior pocket. The shoulder armor shifts around a bit when putting the jacket on. The back armor feels like I'm wearing a turtle shell but it's not uncomfortable. The liner and the jacket are a little too tight under the arms. I sometimes have trouble getting my shirt sleeves in. The loop sewn into the back to hook the liner in place pulled out on one end within the first week. I sewed it back in. The liner sleeves have a weird plastic feel because of being waterproof. The cuffs of the liner have too much material and bunch up uncomfortably around my wrist. I like that the liner has a raised collar and the mesh outer does not. That's a perfect combo for cool and hot riding. When wearing a short sleeve shirt the liner feels cool against the skin in 60 degree weather within a couple of minutes. I'd prefer a warmer not water proof liner. Really pleased with MotorcycleGear's pricing and service.

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