Timothy B. from Oregon

April 27, 2012
I received a Tour Master Flex 2 jacket at a huge discount along with a HJC Gold mirrored visor. The Tour Master Jacket is definitely a bargain. The construction seems very good. This is a heavy jacket with the layers assembled (about 8-9 lbs) . I drove it today in wet 50 degree F weather and was warm and dry as can be. I only had a t-shirt underneath it. The armor fits me perfectly. The jacket was sized good on the chest and a bit large on the waist, however with the waist straps tightened it was fine, I wouldnt go a size smaller as suggested. I took the outer shell off and the internal insulating layer off in the house and it's going to be great in the summer. The Gold Mirrored visor for my HJC helmet fit great, and looks great. Thanks Motorcycle Gear, I couldnt be happier!!! Tim B

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