Ray from Old Forge, Pennsylvania

April 21, 2012
I found the Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet - Gloss White, Size Medium a little tight, but with some wear it should break in nicely...I measured for a med on their chart and other than the crown of my head it fits perfectly so I hope the break in does the trick...the white finish is nice but not top grade, there's a little overspray on the black where it flips open. Speaking of which, the flip front works great !!! easy to operate and closes with a confident click...and I absolutely love the 'Padded chin strap with a micro-adjustable closure buckle for fantastic comfort' so much easier than a D ring alone, works easily with gloves on !!! The flip down tinted visor is a nice option , I have it another helmet and the Velmar works as expected, easy to flip down and back up. The most impressive thing I've found with this helmet is that I can put glasses on without struggling with pads and such in the way...my sunglasses or regular eye glasses slide right in with out bending or poking around, I love it! It's a fairly quiet helmet as flip ups go...maybe a littel quieter than my Symax, or maybe I'm more deaf in it's frequency range ;-). Oh, the Blue Tooth...hooked right up to my iphone, I made a couple of calls and listened to some music...it's ok, not as much volume as I may have liked, but what do you expect, at home $5k stereo sound on a windy moving vehicle...pull over, take a call, get back on the road. In that light it works great !!!! Buy one.
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