Paul A. from North Carolina

April 9, 2012
One of my feet is wider than the other, and while my normal track boots are fine for an hour or two, they hurt my foot if I push it any longer than that. Since I'm doing more touring riding now, I needed something that would fit more comfortably for my big feet (and preferably something more waterproof, too)... and the Sidi Way Mega Rain boots deliver exceptionally! They've not yet leaked, and have kept me comfortable (if a little hot in the warmer weather) for over 10k miles now. Joe Rocket's Alter Ego 2.0 pants are just as great. Having a full-length zipper up the side of each leg, and a removable panel to open a mesh strip make life so much easier. The Sidi Tech Road Socks are another winner, and they do so well at keeping compression, that I even use them for long flights or car drives if I can't take the bike. They're great!

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