Jason P. from New Jersey

October 5, 2011
Finally got myself a set of Held gloves, for regular glove pricing! Unfortunately, they don't live up to my hype. The internal stitching dug into my fingers and hand painfully and they were really not better than the other name brands. However, I did buy a 8 instead of a 9 because it was the only size left, so that could be why. I inverted them and trimmed much of the excess stitching down with nail clippers, and they're better now. I'm growing happier with them by the day as they break in, but I'm not sure I'd pay the MSRP for Held gloves in the future. They're good gloves for sure, but I'm not sure about double the price good. I believe my expectations were too high. Best gloves I've ever owned...maybe, but by a small margin. Grab a stretch cargo net for under the seat to reach the free shipping numbers! They're perfect for in a pinch. Every thing I carry always seems to barely not fit in my tail bag or backpack, so I keep them all over. Haven't tested the repair kit. Looks quality enough though. Cross your fingers I'll never need it.
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