Andrew P. from Illinois

April 12, 2011
Alpinestars S-MX 1 Riding Shoes. I bought these shoes as a casual complement to some tall roadrace-style boots that I own. They serve that role well and provide almost equivalent foot protection, although obviously they provide no lower leg protection. I've read other reviews describe them as similar to basketball sneakers and I'll attest to that, they are about the same height. The velcro tongue flap and snap-over buckle closure works well, is adjustable, and is easier and quicker to get into/out of than I imagined once I got the hang of it. The shoe has a pretty stiff construction with a steel shank in the sole, but it is comfortable to walk around in. The shifter pad on the top of the toe is quite rigid and isolates the tender tops of toes from the forces of shifting. The back Achilles heel area of these shoes is cut down pretty far which aids range of movement and eases shifting/braking tasks.
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