Chris H. from Pennsylvania

April 8, 2011
I got this tail pack because I wanted a simple, hook-n-go tail pack solution that didn't include a lot of bolt on parts. While I would have preferred straps (rather than bungee) connectors, I found this bag to be nearly perfect for my needs. It's wide flat bottom sits nicely on a seat, tail rack, or the rear cowl without moving around and coming loose. The bungees are long enough to reach any of the normal places they might hook on. But it's best feature is the large, square, open interior that begs to be filled. During one ride, I had a rolled up textile riding jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, several pairs of gloves, about a half-dozen water bottles and a few other things, all just kind of tossed haphazardly in the bag. With more careful packing, I could easily carry a week's worth of the necessary provisions for a riding trip in this bag (excluding things like spare shoes, etc). It's also great for commuting; the big flap and wide zipper make it easy to open, get stuff in and out of it and close back up, even with gloved hands. Truly a nice piece of gear.
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