Samson L. from Brooklyn, New York

November 17, 2009
One of the best looking, reasonably priced, tall sized jackets on Newenough. This was my first jacket and I relied on Pauls Comments, and product description to make my decision. I am happy to report that I am very satisfied with this jacket. I am 6'1'' 185lbs, 42 chest with 36/37 arms, and 32 waist and this jacket fits like it was made for me. With the liner in and zipped using the second zipper it fits like a glove. Pockets galore, I lose stuff in these pockets they are so big and so plentiful. Jacket is warm, I use it in 60*F and with the liner its perfect. The random zippers for extra cooling work pretty well at speed to, I was surprised. The armor in the shoulders and elbows seems very sturdy, and doesnt impinge on the movement or comfort of the jacket. The jacket is very comfortable, and it has a modern fitted feel to it. I like that its heavy, you can feel the weight of the leather before you put it on, it looks sturdy and well made, and the seems look durable. I like it, and I couldnt ask for more from a first jacket and an awesome price on top of it.
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