David C. from California

October 17, 2009
It's been a ten months later and some 10000 miles since I bought this gear. I rode during the rainy season, the hot season and everything in between. The Teknic Stinger jacket is starting to show some wear. Mainly patches of the grey fabric turning white around the tip of the collar. The jacket's construction is still solid. The waterproofing works, but maybe not so much as brand-new. Still those rainy days, I now come out slightly damp instead of bone dry. Something important to note, the lower sleeves have lost their waterproofing, but the jacket still keeps the torso warm and that's what's really important. The Moose M1 boots were the real surprise. They were a bit awkward to get use to at first considering I was using a pair of military boots. The shifter feel wasn't vague but it was definitely different because of the plastic lining the top of the foot. But once I got use to them, they turned out to be quality dedicated riding boots. The construction is comfortable. The plastic securing system is sturdy. The buckles still feel strong. The leather is in good condition. The boots work surprising well in light rain. I wouldn't take them out in medium to heavy rain, but if you had to, with some thick socks, they'll keep you warm but wet. The overall plastic leather construction make the boot firm but flexible. They'll protect against moderate twisting and crushing forces in a crash and the design has little to snag on things. The high cut means the shins are never going to see road rash. My only gripe with them is the steel toe cap. Walking around means making scraping noises on hard tops. Doesn't bother me but you have to be really careful around the house and places where you don't want to scratch the floor. You can always take them off but I prefer the protection. Also if you've worn them everyday like I have, you won't be able to take them off anymore. The screws that hold them in place are on the bottom of the shoe where I scrape things. Consequently, they're nothing more than just metal knobs now. No screwdriver is going to get those things out. Not a deal breaker considering how durable, comfortable and all weather these boots have been for a mere Benjamen.
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