Ken B. from New York

September 3, 2009
The Firstgear Scout IV jacket is a fantastic jacket. This is the most versatile leather jacket I've ever owned, and I've owned many leather jackets including Alpinestars, Vanson, Fieldsheer, Joe Rocket, etc. The ample venting in the front and back of the torso work very well. The two-way zippers on the wrists that allow fresh in to your arms are a terrific idea and work great! The pocket layout and storage compartments are well thought out, very easy to use, and will hold a considerable amount of stuff. The full liner and neck warmer work really well. I've worn this jacket from 40 degrees to 80 degrees and was comfortable in both ranges of the thermometer. Over 85 degrees and I would likely turn to a mesh jacket. Under 40 degrees and I am likely to take the car, so this jacket will get a LOT of use by me. And it is very thick leather, great stitching, really well built, so I have no doubt it will have a long life span. I'm very pleased with this jacket. It is highly functional and looks great. It is also very comfortable which makes it highly likely I'll wear it often. Highly recommend this jacket, especially for the great newenough clearance price!
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