John R. from Vermont

April 16, 2018
Icon Raiden Treadwell Boots - Brown, Size 14 Tank! Heavy, sturdy, actually quite comfortable if sized correctly. Easy to walk in, warm and dry. Only thing to note as per previous reviews, you will want to try at least one size up, and possibly like me get an additional pair one size over that (I usually wear 12 or rarely 13 in various footwear). I like the rear entry, the style, and consider this an overall win, especially at the price. AGV Sport Rivet Gloves - Black, Size XXL I have not worn these riding yet but they are comfortable, sturdy, and fit very well...the only quibble I have with them is the fingers are a lot longer than I am used to...I have XXL sized gloves from 3 other manufacturers and these have the least fitted finger lengths. Overall though, well constructed for the price. Tour Master Transition Series 5 Jacket - Black/Hi Viz, Size XXXXXL Okay people...let's be honest. Some of us haven't seen our feet lately except when they're on highway pegs. Finding large(st) sizes are a real pain. This fits _great_. Not only comfortable but with arms in the riding position the jacket still sits like it should. As far as Tourmaster Transition series; I've worn these jackets for over six years, and love them. They're the perfect 3/4 season jacket, great venting if you're not standing still, waterproof, TONS of storage, and just the best workhorse commuter jacket going at the price. I ride in Vermont and with layers have been comfortable from 30 to 80, and the impact protection came in handy a few times when I was first learning. Until you have the $ to get a jacket almost twice the price, this is a great place to start.

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