David L. from North Carolina

May 12, 2014
AGV gloves- protection very good. Air flow -not so much. 85 -90 degs little ducts don't seem to do much. appear to be appearance add ons. Fit good. I'll live with it for the amazing price. Tour Master Intake air Series 3 - fit without thermal very good. order it one size smaller then you would normally. I'm an L to XL , but got M and it fits well. A bit tight with all the liners but adjusments take care of it. Tested in 85-90 sunny day. I don't care what you wear- if you want CE protects-you pay at low speed. over 30 mph- good cooling. at 50-65 very good in 90 + deg.80 deg. at the Dragons Tail in NC should be fun! But the best part is all this matched my Triumph T Bird- which is why my wife let me buy it!!
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