Phil B. from Oklahoma

April 4, 2014
Just got this hot-weather jacket to replace an AGV mesh unit that I've been wearing for about 8 years. When I took the Scorpion out of the box, I was surprised at the heavy weight, compared to the old AGV. But as advertised, it is built substantially for a mesh jacket. The size medium is pretty snug on my 42" chest, but this type of jacket should probably be close to the body anyway. I tried it on with my Armadillo chest/back protector under it, and see that it can be used if I remove the back pad from the jacket. The zippers at the wrist are situated behind your thumb, so are easy to see and use. The liner is double-layered poly, which should be a good wind stopper; unsure about the rain resistance. This is my first Scorpion product, and I am impressed with the fit and finish. I am now a fan of their apparel, as I have been with the service and prices from Motorcycle Gear for many years.
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