Alexa from NH

February 5, 2014
Actually bought the 'Slight Blem' version of these boots. They look great, i don't notice any blemishes.. they seem great. Actually got these because I returned some SIDI boots that I didn't like as much (not enough protection). I wear a 9.5 mens normally, and have 'wider' feet. These Latigo WP boots fit great in a size 9! I couldnt get the size 10 in the BLEM sale, so i had read another review that said size 9 would work. And they do! They fit great!! The toe box is wide on these, so they are very comfortable in size 9 (even if you normally wear a 9.5). I think 10's would have been too big anyways. These boots are very comfortable and not too stiff, but very protective. Overall, these seem like a great deal. Quality product, and cheap price. Plus, it has good protection on the boot and its waterproof!
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