Javier L. from California

August 2, 2013
Shoei Qwest Airfoil Helmet. Color TC-5, Size Small. This helmet is a great fit for me, tried it out at my local shop. I got this helmet at a really great close out price at Motorcycle Gear! The Shoei Qwest is basically a touring version of the RF-1100. It has a vent in the front near the mouth area one up top in the front and two vents in the back of the helmet. I notice when I turn my head during a ride I get a slight whistling sound. I'm not sure if that's the helmet or I did not close the shield correctly. I do get hot in the helmet, but hey I think that's to be expected during summer riding. I've read and viewed tons of reviews on this helmet before purchasing. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and I hope I never have to test its durability.
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