Kent B. from Wisconsin

April 21, 2013
I bought these to wear on casual rides, and in that role they've been excellent. Like many TCX boots these run a bit wide, which is exactly what I needed. They are amazingly comfortable, so much so that I've started wearing them as street shoes too. They obviously don't offer as much protection as a full-fledged motorcycling boot (I bought the superb Alpinestars SM-X 5 boots from for that), but they are definitely better than wearing athletic/basketball shoes. I've probably got 6-7000 miles on the X-Squares and they still look good, though the sueded leather areas tend to accumulate dirt/bugs easily. (The dirty-looking toes are my fault, I scuffed them while kneeling on the garage floor to work on my bike.) The X-Square boots are perfect for short trips where my Alpinestars might seem like overkill, highly recommended!
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