Gary G. from Nova Scotia, Canada

April 12, 2013
Wow, am I happy!... Extremely fast shipping to Canada. The Cortech Scarab winter (yes, it's cold here now) gloves feel great and look as though they would do a very good job in the event of an off, and they fit true to size. I'm really impressed with the boots too, they are way better than what I was expecting, I have read some reviews on the Internet before ordering and some said the TCX X-Cube boots didn't offer much more in protection than a regular hiking shoe or basketball shoe but, I disagree totally... The boots appear to offer a lot as far as safety features, the toe box, heel box and ankle are quite solid, the sole seems really sturdy but not really enough to hamper off the bike mobility a great deal. Anyways I'm very impressed with the gear and especially the transaction; is great to deal with... And for you fellow Canucks concerned with paying through the nose at the border... I paid $20 and change total in duty on my ~$250 order... can't beat that... Ship USPS... Waiting for my new Cortech Latigo leather jacket now (Are you kidding me?... $109 for a perforated leather riding jacket?...), just cleared customs and on its way... Thanks,
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