Scott L. from Florida

February 17, 2013
First the HJC Cool Max Headliner is the best helmet liner I have found and I have tried them all. Here in Florida we get to ride year round but we face the worst heat, humidity, and sweat about 8 months of that year. This liner will keep your helmet fresh and extend its life. Before using a liner I basically washed the inside of my helmet daily and it took its toll. The FirstGear Mesh-Tex is light weight and free breathing making it perfect for the FL summer. Fit is true and with enough Lat room and belly room that you can lift a few weights and eat a cheeseburger without it binding up. The snap sleeve closure is an improvement over the often used Velcro. Shoulder and arm protection is excellent but back pad is smaller than I prefer. All in all another great purchase from New Enough/Motogear!
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