Kent B. from Wisconsin

February 12, 2013
These are probably my favorite motorcycle gear purchase of the last decade. I had heard people say these boots were as comfortable as basketball shoes and I thought, "Yeah, right." But they really are that comfortable! They are nice and wide in the forefoot so my toes aren't squished together (the main reason I can't wear Sidis). At the same time, the Alpinestars are nice and snug around the ankle so your foot doesn't feel like it's sliding around. I love the synthetic (Lorica?) material, it feels richer and thicker than other Lorica boots I've seen. I wear a size 11 shoe and the size 45 S-MX 5 fits perfectly. I thought the venting might make my feet cold in the winter, but no problem there. Hands down the best boots I've ever owned.
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