Daveonne H. from New York

October 21, 2013
Icon 1000 El Bajo Boots - Oiled Brown, Size 11 Fit is spot on, Styling is subjective of course but I love them in person. At times I just want to wear them out to the movies and such just because of the look and you could for a reasonable amount of time before discomfort kick in. The oiled brown will stain fairly easily as will the sole edges but I've taken them to a shoe store and it's cleaned up quite well. These boots go on and are zipped up in literally 5 seconds flat. Protection wise I feel they would be adequate especially with how stiff they feel. After a few rides you will be used to how to shift in them. On a side note they are heavy, holding both boots in one hand really drives that point. Pictures here illustrate about 3000 miles of use.

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