Dragos I. from Chicago,Illinois

January 25, 2013
Was looking for an entry level suit for track days this coming season and i am more then happy that i found this deal on MotorcylceGear.com What can i say about the suit, its simply amazing when you consider its $300 and some change, i am 5'9" and currently @ 200lbs and the 48 fits me perfectly expect for the pant inseam which is just an inch too long. I pretty much have to always go up in size because of my chest and shoulders width which is why i was expecting the pants to be a bit long. I love that for someone like myself that has thicker thighs the pants will fit comfortably as they tend to be a bit more forgiving then European ones. Also you will need to buy a pair of boots that will accommodate at least a 14inch calf since the the suit comes with a built in shin long protection which will make it hard to tuck into some tighter model boots.
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