Teri from Montana

August 6, 2012
These pants are great. I'm a passenger on the bike. Don't know if that makes a difference. Just got back from a 2300 mile ride. We had weather from 32'with hail/rain to 110'HOT!!! I wore a light weight pant under neath that I could make into shorts, which I did as the day heated up and then opened up the vents on the pants. I was quite comfortable through out the ride. I didn't put the rain pant on during the hail/rain and stayed dry. With the rain pant on you could use these pants into the chilly fall. As far as sizing I'm 5'7" 150lbs so I started out ordering the men's pant but they where huge. The women's are cut for women. Also like the decorative stitching. Order 2 sizes then sent back the one that didn't fit. Ended up with the XL. Customer service was great and shipping was fairly fast. When I got the pants my husband said he would stick with his leather chaps... At the end of the ride he said he was sorry that he didn't try on the men's that I sent back and is thinking of ordering a pair for himself.

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