Donald R. from Maine

June 22, 2012
I have been in an endless search for gloves since I retired my old Hein Gericke gloves with Kevlar inserts in it. I have had many alpinestars and recently had some from a place that makes their own suits. I saw these SP7's on a great closeout price so I felt I had nothing to lose. I have to say these gloves are awesome for late spring/summer/early fall use! First and foremost, they flow alot of air. The scoops on the fingers are a very nice touch and even at 35mph, you can really feel the air moving. Next is protection. The knuckles, well, is obvious. What you cannot see is the Side of the palm and both sides of the wrist. It has a hard material in there that would definitely help abrasion in a crash. Only 2 gripes. One is the opening is a little tight to pull over the sleeve of the leather jacket but, once there, is perfectly fine. The other is I feel the knuckle protectors. It does not hurt, rub or anything, just when you make a fist or wrap your hands around the grips, you can tell it is there. Outside of those small issues, I have found my Gericke replacements! Thanks I never would have even thought of AGV until I say them on your website.
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