Brian C. from Alberta, Canada

June 23, 2012
I got the grey/black/white 2.0 circuit gloves. The fit of the fingers is perfect, and the exterior seaming is indeed quite comfortable. The molded plastic wristguard tough! While it is comfortable and feels safe, it won't allow you to tighten the wrist as much as other gloves (not a negative, just an observation). The seaming is clean, and the leather feels high quality. On the underside of the fingers there is some perforation, which I found helpful as my hands can sweat a bit there. I'd note two negatives about the construction of these gloves: 1) the thumbs are unusually long, and my left glove thumb particularly makes for awkward function (I tried to picture this. note, that I have normal hand proportions). 2) While it doesn't affect the safety of the gloves, some of the plastic sliders on my pair are different shades of grey making the gloves seem less uniform.
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