Kyle D. from Colorado

May 22, 2012
I bought the Speed and Strength Moment of Truth mesh jacket on clearance sale and could not be happier! I bought a size M and the fitment is perfect for me with my narrow frame and pointy shoulders. I also have long arms and the arms for me are perfect. I am 5-8 and 140lbs so I am pretty thin and the jacket fits very well around my waistline and hangs down low enough to cover my back so I won't get burnt by the sun. The jacket is crazy hot when I tighen the elbow adjustments and have the liner inside. When I take the liner out the jacket is very airy and breathes very well and should be awesome fot those hot days up in the high altitudes where the sun is really hot. Thank you for putting this item on sale and for having it in stock in my size! Also in this picture is a Joe Rocket Abyss helmet in size M. I have a long head but a thin width and this helmet fits great. I found out the proper ways to measure when I went to a local store and test fitted it there to confirm the fitment before I ordered here online. The helmet has an awesome paintjob and the blue color matches my bike very well. I also love the tribal look it really makes the helmet stand out. The interior of the helmet is red and the front face area where you see out shows red as well which I like as it looks cooler than a plain black interior/face surroung. The helmet is very light and the quality is great. I havent taken it on the freeway at high speeds (over 50mph) to know if it leaks air in the visor or not, but the suction of the visor seems good and there is a lock button as well. I could nto be happier, and thanks for the great price! I want to buy a size XS for my wife when and if you get more of them in stock :) Also got Speed and Strength Over the Influence gloves. These are gauntlet type gloves that are SUPER LIGHT and feel very airy and breathable so i won't sweat on hot summer days. I tried on 12 pairs of gloves before ultimately deciding on these and they are excellent and will tuck nicely up the sleeve of my jacket on cold days. I am very happy with these!
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