HOLLY W. from Oregon

May 20, 2012
I love this pack! This is the Size 2 seat on my 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 (same as 600's & 2012's). They're not making a custom size for my bike yet. One great tip I'd heard about was that I could put something small in the pack without expanding it. I LOVE this capability! On weekend trips, I'm able to fit a small flat purse with my essentials and a small cap in it. When I need a light jacket, my lunch, and a regular purse, the pack pops up & off I go. I have short legs, so getting over a tail pack takes some effort, plus I was always choosing between looks & function. With this pack, it's there when I need it & out of my way otherwise. The looks aren't as great as "naked", but pretty good with the faux carbon fiber top (which just happens to match the GSX-R trim nicely). It'll take more weather being on the bike most the time, but buying a new one every year or two is worth the convenience for me.
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