Jonathan M. from California

October 18, 2012
Well, as you can see from the stylish blue cast on my right foot, I didn't really need new dirt riding boots quite yet. In fact, I didn't pull the trigger when I first saw your advertisement since it will be four or five months before I'm back on my dirt bike (tennis, the silent killer). I just couldn't resist though. I have always loved my Sidi street boots and when my achilles is all healed up and rehabbed, I want my right ankle protected as well as my left one is in this picture. The Sidi Crossfire boots are just as comfortable as everyone said they'd be, the first time you put them on! Their level of foot, ankle and shim protection is incredible. Your price was just too fantastic to pass up! Thanks for excellent service and as always, excellent gear and prices! I hope to see more Adventure Touring equipment in your catalog in the future. Now, to learn patience . . . .
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