Andrew P. from Illinois

June 13, 2011
I purchased these gloves at a pretty good price point, but you'd hardly know it from the looks and the way they perform. Starting from the inside they have a fleece lining, which is probably the most comfortable of any gloves I've got. There is also a respectable amount of padding/armor on the gloves for this price range, with the molded knuckle protector being more comfortable than most. There are perforations between the fingers, but even with this I would say that the gloves would be pretty steamy on a really warm day, these gloves should work best in moderate temperatures. My main criticism of these gloves would be the awkward orientation of the wrist closure strap around the wrist, I feel that the whole strap should be rotated around the glove so that the strap velcro is mating-up on the inside of the wrist instead of the top of the wrist. All in all though that is a pretty minor gripe given the protection and comfort these gloves provide for the price.
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