Jason P. from New Jersey

May 31, 2011
Wow. These pants are HEAVY. They're not kidding when they put them in the textile category. They're probably double the thickness and weight of any jean I've owned. I haven't worn them much, it's already too hot. They're winter/fall/spring pants for sure. Note that if you're tall and plan on extending the cuff/leg, it's not so easy. They used two 2"ish scrap pieces for the bottom, so you can't just undo the seam and get extra length. You'd need to add extra fabric, and you'll have two lines on the bottom where the scrap pieces are. The gloves are just amazing for the price I got them. Easily $50-60 gloves for 1/3 the price. They're my new "too hot to ride" gloves. I love the secure strap, don't see that on short gloves too often. Safe, too. Nice leather and protection for a short cuff.
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