Liltroy from Maryville, Tn

May 18, 2011
Love this jacket! reviewed the matching gloves already but wanted to get more in depth with the jacket. First off the fitment...I'm 6'1,225lb mild athletic build and the size large fits arms and chest great but as you can see from the pic is pretty baggy in the mid section. this would be good if your carrying a lil extra baggage if you know what I mean so measure your chest when you order and dont worry bout your stomach unless you got a big bulging beer gut! I've not ridden in it yet but the fact that I can see my skin through it tells me this thing is gonna flow ALOT of air....way better than my alpine star sniper air jacket that it replaced. I used to burn up on hot days in it and dont think its gonna be a problem now. Features I like include the double snap belt attachments and the fact that it has an 8" zipper so I can where it with my leather pants when I'm hittin the dragon instead of burning up with the full suit! Matter of fact, the only thing I dont like about this jacket is the snap wrist and collar closure. I prefer the ease of velcro in these areas but this is a very minor complaint and a matter of personal preference. Overall, I think this is twice the jacket as the alpine star that it replaced for alot less!!! And once again, thanks for the great deal....been ordering from this site for years now and hopefully will be ordering for many more years to come!
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