Jason A. from Indiana

March 8, 2011
I wear this gear every time I ride and would recommend the Flex series apparel from Tour Master for the versatility. There are some drawbacks to buying one set of apparel for all occasions though. I like the jacket, but the vents at the shoulder a pretty useless since there isn't a vent in back to let the air out. No matter since you can remove the shell and wear it as a mesh jacket. Also, if I could do it over again, I probably would have gotten a different color because the black can get pretty toasty in the sun. The pants can be a little bulky when worn as an overpant, but with some gym shorts underneath--they are perfect. I really like that they have tall sizes too. The boots are good for a touring/street boot but don't offer any hyperextension/rotational injury protection. I guess that's the trade off with wearing a short boot though. The Cold-Tex gloves are very warm, but offer limited feedback due to the insulation. I opted for grip heaters and handguards in cooler weather so that I could wear thinner gloves. When it gets too cold though, nothing beats thick gloves.
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