Michael M. from Massachusetts

September 14, 2010
I've had this suit for little over a week, and in that time I've put it though its paces. I've ridden in 95+ degree heat, though a rain storm at highway speeds, and wrecked into a tire wall while at a track day. Below is a summary of the suits performance in each of those situations. Heat: I removed the insulation layer and opened the "big air" vent in the front and back. At highway speeds it performed very well and was quite comfortable. In stop-and-go traffic it still performed well, however, it did get a little hot around my arms and legs - vents in the extremities would be nice. Rain: I removed the insulation layer and closed the "big air" vent in the front and the rear. At below highway speeds in heavy rain the suit was more or less waterproof, however, at highway speeds the rain did penetrate the bicep area of my arms and my shins. Those parts of my body were by no means soaked and I had been riding in the rain for over 30min. Safety: I crashed into a tire wall and then a retaining fence at about 30-40mph. The impact was enough to total my bike, crack my helmet, and break my hand. After all was said and done I noticed a large tire "skid mark" right in the middle of the shoulder of the suit. Until that point I hadn't realized that part of my body took ant of the impact. No soreness the next day either. I feel very strongly that I have the suit to thank for that. Fit: I found the fit of this suit to be perfect. I bought a size M and I'm 5'11, 145lbs.
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