Paul P. from California

August 8, 2010
Been using the bag for my commute for a few months now and I love it. It carries everything I need it to, including a change of shoes, my laptop, documents, and most everything else I'd normally put in my work bag. Using the straps for the camelbak and my mp3 player are genius. The helmet hood is a great idea and very useful if you're going to be walking around and don't want to leave your helmet with your bike. The only thing I wish it had was a better place to keep my extra shield... right now it just sort of wraps around the shoe compartment. The pants work well, I like the protection. My only complaint is the liner near the zipper. The zipper makes it easy to get these on and off when I get to work, but the zipper often gets caught on the liner. I might end up cutting that out. Other than that, they fit great and work well up to around 75-80 degrees. Above that, they can get a bit hot, although you can partially unzip them for some venting.

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