2009 Ninja 250 from Alabama

August 16, 2010
Nelson Rigg CL-900 Mini Saddlebags. Great fit on my 2009 Ninja 250. Plenty of clearance from the stock exhaust. Make sure you read the mounting instructions to get the best fit. I'm pretty sure I could pick the back of the bike off the ground by the bags if I was so inclined. The bags attach, adjust, and detach quickly. The bike is protected from the bag by means of foam padding. Depending on where you mount the bags (how far forward or aft) your stock tail lights may bend a little but they returned to their original position when the bags were removed. The rain covers kept the bags dry, however the covers themselves collected water in the bottom portion...this was likely user error as it was my first time using them. The bags are not huge, but are completely adequate for my needs. I store a bungee net, both rain covers, rain suit, reflective vest, cable lock, tire air compressor, tire slime can, and a rag on one side. It's a tight fit, but doesn't stress the zippers. This leaves the other side free for whatever I pick along the way. My saddlebags have faded to a slighty purple color over the past few weeks. I probably wouldn't have noticed except that I placed another black bag next to them. Overall, I'd buy the saddle bags again without hesitation. Great service and assistance from Nate once again...thanks New Enough!
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