Jason P. from New Jersey

July 28, 2010
Not a bad helmet, looks amazing. I had a little problem today with the chin not latching down, it wasn't lining up properly. Still not a biggie. The only real flaw I noticed is the visors aren't clear, they warp the vision a little on the sides. You'll get used to it though. This is with the tinted visor, but from what I hear they're all like that. NewEnough threw in a yellow "high def" for free. I typically wouldn't use this, but I found it's very nice. It kinda blocks out some light so your eyes open wider and see everything clearer. I haven't used the bluetooth option yet. I just got this for that option later. Also, note that the flat black looks amazing, but shows dirt easily. Also, it looks like a silver stripe up the center, but it's really just a different plastic. It's similar in color, but reflects light differently. Great helmet for the price, and a great modular helmet

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