Bob E. from Washington

May 12, 2010
I bought the size XL Tourmaster Venture pants about a month or two ago. 1st off, unzip that removable liner unless it's under 30 degrees outside cause these are very warm. I am 210lbs and 5-11 (shorter legs) and I found the pants an inch or two too long for me. Also I bought these a size bigger to wear as an overpant, but with the straps adjusted all the way out, the are extremely tight in the waist on me. Time to diet? They do seem to be very well constructed though, and I really like the feature of being able to unzip the leg up to the knee for putting on the pants while wearing boots. The vents on the lower legs don't let in too much air, but if they were in the front it may sacrifice the waterproof-ability of the pants. I also wish the 8" zipper that attaches to my Tourmaster Jett Series jacket actually zipped all the way around. They have lots of padding in the hips and the armour in the knees is great too. Rode in some rain here in Washington, but not a big downpour, but I was perfectly dry in them. Overall I am pretty satisfied with them B+.

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