Hsei-Lin T. from California

March 2, 2010
First, the shipping was amazing, fast and accurate! The deal on this helmet beats all advertise price. This is how New Enough prescript a good online shop! The size was great, having owning FS-10, IS-16 fits the same, with better quality overall then FS-10. For example, I’ve placed helmet speakers in FS 10, left side of helmet was not aligned for speakers to be placed in the helmet correctly; I had to cut some material off to fit them as a satisfy position. Now, with new IS-16, incorporated design to put helmet speakers did a fantastic job, not cutting of any modification needed. Indeed HJC is really knee to improve their quality in baby steps, listening in with consumer really rides a bike. One thing about CSR from HJC, which it was little disappointed from my previous engagement (wish HJC would take a lesson of CSR 101 from New Enough) about ordering additional liners. Although the silver added liner came with it really didn’t smell that bad, just thought additional liner would of help to the whole process of my helmet cleaning.
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