Fast Frank from Tasmania

August 26, 2009
Hi NE, I am very happy with my waterproof SMX5 AlpineStar boots. They are replacing a similar GPS AlpineStar boots. One additional comment though is to say that Paul's comment below is not entirely correct. As the cold climate that I am currently riding in the vents do channel cold air onto the waterproof membrane and cause my feet to be cold rather than snug. So I have had to close off the vents using silicon sealand and this has worked well. Oh and it is raining now so I might just head out for another ride! "The vented boot makes use of all five visible vents (heel, ankle, shin, side of calf) and also has a couple panels of perforated material on the foot. With the “normal” version, the vents on the heel and ankle are “dummies”, and of course the waterproof boot has all “dummy” vents, but includes a waterproof/breathable liner to keep water out while still allowing for moisture to escape." Cheers, Frank
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