Jared A. from Illinois

July 28, 2009
I am incredibly pleased with my purchase from New Enough. According to all the sizing charts, I'm right between sizes small and medium. I went with medium and everything fits great. I would have bought from a local dealer, but their prices were double what New Enough has. It was a good opportunity to figure out sizes though. The gloves are great, and my hands stay relatively cool in 80 degree weather (although hot hands are really not much of an issue to me). The jacket, boots, and helmet all provide good air-flow to keep me cool, when I'm moving or just have a slow breeze going by at a stoplight. The back protector I was worried would be so heavy as to be unwieldy. It's actually rather light for what it is, and is perfectly comfortable. It's velcroed into a pouch and then zippered into the jacket, so there's not much chance it would go sliding around in a crash and exposing skin. All in all, everything I got was a great buy and the customer service reps were more than willing to help me when I called in with inquiries and additions to the order. Great company, will buy from again!
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