David K. from Tennessee

May 29, 2009
As always, New Enough did a wonderful job of describing the features and fit of the gear. Most of my size decisions were based on the info listed on the web site. Cortech Injector Gloves- These are a wonderful set of gloves. Plenty comfortable and good protection with a nice style. I have not had any issues with these gloves other than they do ventilate well which can make things cool on a cold morning. Fieldsheer High Flow 2 Mesh Jacket- A no-frills jacket, but does a good job at what it does. The jacket feels substantial while still allowing air to move through. I haven't had real hot weather yet, but it should do well. The wind breaker liner isn't the fastest thing to install. The ends are held on by button snaps. Sometimes hard to take jacket off without really pulling at the liner, but it's not terrible. Just different. Joe Rocket Meteor Boots- These boots look great and feel great. I really got to test the water proof aspect of them during the MSF class where it poured the entire time. My feet never got wet. They're easy to take off and on and work very well. HJC FS-15- This is one that I had to try some in person to find the best fit. According to the info, I'm suppose to wear a Med. However, I fit perfectly in a Large. The helmet is very comfortable. Wind nice is fairly controlled. The only real complaint I have is that it does fog up easily if the visor is completely closed, but I think they all do that. I can't tell if the venting works or not, but I don't think it's worse than any other helmet. Feels well balanced and looks good. Tour Master Venture Air Pants- I bought these to handle all types of weather. These have three liners to cope with various conditions. I haven't had any experience with the other liners yet, but the mesh pants have been great. They are a bit on the bulky side (to make room for the other liners) plus I bought them to be overpants, but the bulk has not bothered me. If your concerned about looks, then this might be a problem. For me they have worked out great. I have a 32-34 pants size and got the Large Tall. This was just about right.
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