Robert H. from Tennessee

May 17, 2009
Just took my new First Gear HT Mesh Pants for a test run. I think I'm gonna love em. I ride a C10 Concours and it is a convection oven in the summer. I'm looking forward to riding in shorts and my mesh overpants to keep cool this summer. The pants are baggy (my first pair of overpants) but comfy. Easy off and on over jeans and boots. I wouldn't want to be in a hurry to put the liner in but it seems comfortable, too. The material seems like it won't stick to my bare sweaty legs in a summer storm. I added the Hiprotec Armour for a bit more protection. For now its in addition to the supplied armour but I may remove the OEM pads to reduce bulk. Of course, in the shot I'm dressed head to toe in products from New Enough. HJC Symax II, FG Kilamanjaro 4, FG HT mesh pants, Tourmaster gloves and Solution Boots. New Enough is always my first stop when I need gear. Great products, best price, FAST shipping. Its New Enough, its good enough and doggonnit, people LOVE it! Thanks to Paul and everyone at New Enough! You're keepin' me safe.
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