CORY H. from Kentucky

February 27, 2009
I've done plenty of business with the good folks at New Enough and I've yet to have a bad experience. The prices are great, the selection is always top-notch, and well, lets just say you guys are the gold-standard for customer service in motorcycling circles! An example of how fantastic your customer service is would be my latest purchase. I'd received two "10% off your next order" coupons recently, but really didn't need anything. Then I realized that my Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 perforated leather jacket may only last me through this season. I clicked on the closeout section to see what you guys had and sure enough, there was the Teknic Chicane perforated leather jacket that I'd thought about buying close to a year ago, only it was MUCH cheaper! Alas, if I'd only realized this before the two coupons I received had expired, I could've gotten it for 10% less! On a whim, I fired off an email to customer service and explained that I'd like to purchase a new jacket, but the two coupons I had were expired and if you guys were going to be issuing anymore anytime soon? 2 hours later (WOW!!!) I had another 10% off coupon in my inbox and a nice note from Paul!!! Amazing! Needless to say, I ordered the jacket on Monday morning 2/23 and it arrived late Thursday morning 2/26. How you guys do it, I'll never know, but you sure won't hear me complaining! As for the jacket, it fits perfectly, and Paul's comments played a big role in what size I selected. Seeing as how I'm carrying around a bit of a spare-tire, the belly measurements you guys include with most reviews help immensely! The blue version that I got works perfectly with my new Shoei X-11 Lawson Replica! Thank you so much and keep doing what you're doing and us "New Enoughers" out here will keep spreading the good word about you guys!
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